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Sam Ackland – Taking Adelaide by Storm!

These past few turbulent months of the pandemic, a storm has been brewing in Adelaide. Meanwhile, SA’s ambitious and energetic entrepreneur named Sam Ackland has been cleaning up.

Sam Ackland
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Sam Ackland – Taking Adelaide by Storm!

These past few turbulent months of the pandemic, a storm has been brewing in Adelaide. Meanwhile, SA’s ambitious and energetic entrepreneur named Sam Ackland has been cleaning up.

Sam Ackland – Taking Adelaide by Storm!

These past few turbulent months of the pandemic, a storm has been brewing in Adelaide. Meanwhile, SA’s ambitious and energetic entrepreneur named Sam Ackland has been cleaning up.


Sam Ackland is Managing Director and Founder of Build Clean. The business effectively operates cleaning for the construction industry commercially and residentially (known in the trade as ‘hand over cleans’).

The business could effectively be described as a start-up as Sam Ackland only established Build Clean Adelaide Pty Ltd in January of 2018. Build Clean’s purpose is to provide cleaning services to the construction, commercial, domestic and restoration sectors. Sam launched his business quickly and has done remarkably well too. Over 40% of 2021 Master Builders Australia award winners are clients of Build Clean!

Our work is meticulous, guaranteed and backed by our app based system to ensure the best results.

Sam Ackland, MD of Build Clean (app based system)

Sam Ackland and Jack Kempson (click image for more)

Sam Ackland – Founder of Build Clean appoints Jack Kempson

As a cleaning services provider that began dominating the construction industry, Sam’s trusted right hand man Jack Kempson stepped up and was appointed as a director. This high performance mindset brought two friends together in late 2019 and Build Clean’s pace picked up considerably.

The co-directorship enabled Sam and Jack to grow their market share based on genuine trusted relationships, hard work and determination. Sam and Jack developed internal and external e-learning systems, standards that have never before been seen in construction cleaning. Their extensive knowledge has been collated over the years through working on a broad range of diverse of projects.

Build Clean now employs just over 50 and is complimented by a strong team of trusted contractors. Sam and Jack are employee focused and rigorously pursue the impossible task of measuring the unmeasurable – the culture at Build Clean.

With a team focus Sam and Jack have cracked the typical mould of cleaning companies – enbracing legislative change and proudly diverting away from sham contracting (something which unfortunately remains rife within the construction industry).

Build Clean is clearly a highly regarded business service as their long term clients include the most renowned and respected builders in South Australia (as stated, many are Master Builders Association Award Winners). Sam Ackland states that Build Clean is proud to stand side-by-side South Australia’s leading companies to keep their teams safe, their brands strong and their doors wide open.

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Success is not owned it is rented and rent is due every day.

Sam Ackland: when asked what resonates strongly with him…

Sam Ackland, Awards & Recognition

Sam Ackland holds a Bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing from Flinders University and is a multi-award winning entrepreneur.

Sam Ackland’s long list of awards and nominations give him the recognition he deserves:

In April 2020, Sam wrote a superb article for the Master Builders Association of SA “What is a Build Clean?”. The article explains that once upon a time, the builder would have had to clean their own projects ready for handover at the end of the project. With Build Clean, this is no longer the case and the emerging niche was born around saving the builder time and energy.

Sam Ackland is also an author and has published his first book titled ‘From You To Two‘. This is intended for small businesses and as an entrepreneurship guide for trades folk looking to grow and scale their business from a sole tradership, to a team and even an enterprise.

With Sam’s book, you’ll learn how to build the right foundation so that your company can easily grow beyond just you. The framework helps you grow the business so that it can operate without you. This allows the business owner to work ‘on the business rather than just ‘in the business’.

Sam Ackland’s Journey

Sam started his career very early – his first job being at Video Easy (a local video store) at just twelve years old. He was assigned to clean shelves for $6.00p/h and he worked 2-3 hours per week, walking to his job from school in the afternoon. His first payroll job was cleaning/bartending at the tender age of 16 years old (perhaps why to Build Clean is so dear to his heart?!).

Sam always knew that he wanted to be a business owner but, like so many others, wasn’t sure of the path from employee to employer. Sam was working at Volkswagen at the time and he realised that he should really be doing more and using his business degree.

Sam decided to take the plunge and purchased a lawnmower (among a few other small pieces of equipment). From humble beginnings. Sam began delivering property maintenance services to the local community. He effectively transitioned into being a business owner by learning the art of sales and delivering consistently high-quality property maintenance services.

The transition from business owner to entrepreneur was inevitable. Sam Ackland’s journey to where he is today wasn’t by accident but rather a function of complete determination and intentionality.

Sam Ackland and Kate Campbell

Who is Sam the Man?

Sam is married to Kate Campbell and they are the proud parents of their one year old son Arthur. Sam’s mum is from the Netherlands and his dad Adelaide and both are self-employed. Sam’s wife Kate is the Wholesale Manager at the rising SA brand ORTC Trading Co.

Despite being a busy person, Sam still creates time to do the things he loves. He enjoys an active lifestyle with strength and conditioning as a core to focus balance, mind and body. He also enjoys many outdoor sports such as motocross, surfing, hiking and trail running.

When asked what inspires Sam, he earnestly admits to “the masculine archetypes of King Warrior Magician Lover” (redefining age-old concepts of masculinity – the psychological foundation of a mature, authentic, and revitalised modern man). Sincerely stating that he is genuinely energised by seeing these archetypes in those that are around him.

This is evidenced through his involvement in other projects too – Sam Ackland is a Mentor for Business SA’s SAYES Entrepreneurship program.

Sam also works closely with the Top 40 Under 40 Alumni, a community of proud SA entrepreneurs (following his own win…).

I enjoy giving. I am passionate about doing the right thing, regardless of what industry, vision or purpose that energy is directed at.

Sam Ackland: keen to give back

Why Adelaide?

Sam Ackland is South Australian born and bred. He describes himself as “a proud South Aussie”. Sam loves the community spirit in South Australia – stating that in Adelaide, unlike larger cities, people band together as a proud bunch.

Sam understands that networking is “undoubtedly the key to business success in Adelaide”. However, you also have to follow through with exceptional business performance. An unwavering drive to be the best goes a long way – as South Australians love to celebrate those who give their all.

If the passion is there, South Australians seem to accept apologies and there is a willingness to forgive when business owners make genuine mistakes. So, in order to succeed in business in South Australia, you need to be friendly, driven and humble.

Sam believes that while networking is important, you have to “earn a seat at each table”.

Sam states that you can’t just play golf at an expensive course and expect to harbour respect from your peers. You actually have to do the work, perform well and develop relationships. It is then that others step forth and come to your aid.

I particularly enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit in our metro and rural regions and hope to learn more about what it takes to thrive in our rural communities.

Sam Ackland

Overcoming Hurdles

Life is never plain sailing for any business owner and Sam Ackland has had his fair share of diffulties as he has grown his business enterprise. Like so many other young business owners, Sam admits that cashflow caused him some issues. Sam says he had little interest in finance as he could not speak or read the language used in accounting and finance. Sam admits that this nearly saw the collapse of Build Clean in 2019.

It’s repeatedly said that ‘cashflow is king‘ in the business community. However, many simply do not understand how quickly cash can dry up in the construction industry – known to be perilously brutal to small and family businesses.

Identifying the issue and tackling it head on, Sam wasn’t ready to concede to failure. This was an opportunity to learn. Sam Ackland became his own student of business.

Sam embarked on a journey of continuous learning, reading and following the works of Napolean HillGrant CardoneMike MichalowiczVerne Harnish – consuming their books and content, Sam would use these as points of reference. When he found the answer he needed, then he moved to the next topic.

Sam’s avoids defining any particular path to becoming successful, stating that success is internal and individualised. However, following your passion and desires is what will help someone feel they are successful.

Sam states that money alone is not enough – true wealth comes from following your purpose and balancing financial freedom, lifestyle freedom and time freedom.

What’s in Store for the Future?

Sam Ackland is nothing short of ambitious. However, there are more noble undertones about his future plans too. He would like to see Build Clean servicing all of SA’s top 100 indexed companies. Sam states that this will increase his employee base even further, help the sham battle and, in turn, reduce South Australia’s unemployment rate.

Sam believes Build Clean offers the best working environment for cleaning staff in the country. So strong is his belief, Sam boldly challenges anyone who might oppose this statement! On making this statement, Sam remarks that the worst that could happen is that he can learn even more and continue to improve his employee performance and culture.

Asides from these ambitions, Sam Ackland commits that 2022 will see Build Clean paying equally high attention to the commercial cleaning sector so that Build Clean may continune to support the growth of South Australia’s leading construction companies.

Sam Ackland says that for the millennials, you can DM him on Instagram. Others can call him on (08) 7129 8043 or reach him at sam@buildclean.com.au.

Our collaboration with clients and strong communication equals genuine enjoyment of our work and positive outcomes. Over the years we have worked with many great clients and trades which have led to strong ongoing relationships.

Sam Ackland & Jack Kempson, Directors of Build Clean

Sam Ackland
Business Name