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Gilberto D’Oporto — Riding a Mexican wave to Adelaide.

Gilberto D’Oporto is passionate about ensuring your business brand looks striking at every possible touchpoint.

Gilberto D’Oporto
Business Name
D’Oporto Studio

Gilberto D’Oporto — Riding a Mexican wave to Adelaide.

Gilberto D’Oporto is passionate about ensuring your business brand looks striking at every possible touchpoint.

Gilberto D’Oporto — Riding a Mexican wave to Adelaide.

Gilberto D’Oporto is passionate about ensuring your business brand looks striking at every possible touchpoint.


It’s not all tacos and tequila.

Gilberto was born in Mexico City; however, the D’Oporto name is from his Portuguese great-grandfather.

After graduating with honours from Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Azcapotzalco (UAM-A) in México City in 1995, Gilberto began a journey that would take him from Digital Printer Operator to junior Graphic Designer to Art Director and Creative Director to the owner of his own thriving studio.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication Design, plus numerous certificates from Web Design and Development and UX courses, as well as advanced knowledge in Video Editing and Animation.

Gilberto has worked in various places, from print shops to design studios to advertising agencies. Then, in 2007, he decided to uproot and establish a new life and business in Adelaide, Australia. However, coming from the world’s fifth largest city to Australia, and particularly Adelaide, was not without complications.

Since arriving in Adelaide, Gilberto has worked in design studios and as an in-house design specialist and team leader for global consulting organisation UBT before opening D’Oporto Studio in 2019.

“I had applied to come to Australia, but because I was from a creative industry and not a trade or engineering background, it was difficult to get a work visa. The South Australian Government were the only ones willing to help and sponsored me to move to Adelaide.”

Design with a difference

D’Oporto Studio can best be summed up as a place for all things visual. Not just graphic design but recognisable visual identities across print, screen, outdoor, transport, clothing, and more.

Gilberto prides himself on working closely with his clients to achieve stunning results across all media.

“I believe connections make a huge difference, especially the quality of those connections. If you do good work, they will return for more and refer anyone they know.”

Additionally, Gilberto’s clients recognise, value, and respect that he works hard to give more than his best; to deliver more than expected.

Although D’Oporto Studio is relatively new, Gilberto’s experience spans more than 25 years. He has collaborated with businesses of all sizes, and his work has featured in Mexico, the US, and across Australia.

However, the road travelled has not been an easy one. Establishing a business without any contacts is challenging enough. But even more so if you’re new kid on the block from Mexico.

Gilberto has taken on the challenge and thrived. His portfolio of clients ranges across industry sectors as diverse as accountancy, allied health, trades, NFP, financial advisory, interior design, information technology and more.

“Creating relationships has always been hard, as a migrant and sole trader. That said, there are those who don’t realise how many people are in their life and how they can determine your success in business.”

A Mexican in Meadows

Gilberto’s partner of ten years is Sarah, and they share their home in Meadows with Remy, the French Bulldog. They officially tied the knot in September this year.

D’Oporto Studio is also based out of Gilberto’s home. It’s here that the magic happens unless he is out visiting or presenting a cracking visual identity to prospective new clients.

He is also an avid networker as a member of BNI Bayside, where he has held various leadership positions.

Even though Gilberto lives in Meadows, he still believes it’s relatively easy to get around Adelaide.

“When I first came to Adelaide, I was surprised by how small it was compared to Mexico City and how easy it was to get around, and I still love that now. I used to spend two and half hours getting to work in Mexico City and the same to get back home again. So, whenever Adelaidians complain about the traffic,I always laugh.”

Another thing Gilberto loves about Adelaide is how friendly people are. Maybe it’s the Mexican accent, but people always say hi and smile no matter where he goes.

Perhaps that’s why he and Sarah love to visit the Adelaide Hills and, in particular, the Ambleside Distillers in Hahndorf.

Mostly, though, Gilberto and Sarah prefer the simple life and love hanging out at home in Meadows, reading, drinking a few gins, and playing video games.

And when he’s not relaxing with well-deserved downtime, Gilberto is a passionate student, not only from a visual perspective but of life as well.

That learning ethos has seen him travel far and wide to places such as the US, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Germany.
The latter included a long-held desire to drive a Porsche at high-speed along the Autobahn.

“I consider myself a learner for life. I pride myself in learning and expanding my vision and skills all the time, and if there is something I dont know, I always find a way to learn how to do it.”

A vision for visual strategy

The future for D’Oporto Studio and for Gilberto is looking bright. He considers each new project on its merit and will bring in other team members to collaborate if necessary. He has experience providing direction and working in a team environment, so nothing is too overwhelming.

Gilberto is looking to expand his visual strategy audience by creating a customised brand and then designing a stunning website that enhances and makes the brand glow.

To discover more about D’Oporto Studios, contact Gilberto on +61 430 377 093, email hello@doportostudio.com or visit his website.

“D’Oporto Studio is at the moment a one-man band that, if the project demands, could grow into a five-man operation with the help of temporary staff.”

“My philosophy is that you dont need a graphic designer and a web designer to do two different things (a logo and a website). All you need is visual strategy and someone to execute that strategy to its fullest potential.”

Gilberto D’Oporto
Business Name
D’Oporto Studio