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Ben Čolič – Discovering a powerful attraction to Adelaide.

After backpacking around Australia, Ben Čolič discovered Adelaide was a perfect place to power into the next phase of his life.

Ben Čolič
Business Name
Adelaide Urban Electrical

Ben Čolič – Discovering a powerful attraction to Adelaide.

After backpacking around Australia, Ben Čolič discovered Adelaide was a perfect place to power into the next phase of his life.

Ben Čolič – Discovering a powerful attraction to Adelaide.

After backpacking around Australia, Ben Čolič discovered Adelaide was a perfect place to power into the next phase of his life.


Ben Čolič (pronounced Chorlich) is originally from Frankfurt, Germany. However, he decided he loved Adelaide so much that he wanted to stick around for a bit. Although that was in 2010, little did he realise that 12 years later, he’d still be here with a partner and a thriving, award-winning electrical business.

Ben is the owner of Adelaide Urban Electrical, a business dedicated to providing quality electrical work and is proudly recognised as one of Adelaide’s highest-rated SME electrical companies on Google Reviews.

From Frankfurt to the ‘back-end’ of the world.

Growing up in Frankfurt, Germany, Ben’s life could have been very different if he had followed in his father’s footsteps to become a plumber.

However, that was a trade that Ben was not exactly keen on. BUT! Ben was interested in all things electrical. So much so that he took up an apprenticeship in 2003 and completed it at just 16 years of age. He is now celebrating 20 years working as a switched-on sparky.

In Germany, Ben admitted that he was told Australia was the ‘back end’ the world!!!  However, that didn’t deter Ben. It was a country he had always yearned to visit and explore. In 2009, he took the opportunity to work and travel throughout Australia for a year. He spent time on the eastern coast in Sydney and Melbourne before eventually accepting work as a trade’s assistant in Adelaide.

And so, after arriving with just one backpack and sticking around for a bit, Ben now calls South Australia home owning both a house near the coast and a thriving electrical company!

“Everything just clicked in Adelaide. It actually wasn’t a goal of mine to run my own business. What I really wanted was the freedom to travel more, but things sort of fell into place here.”

Passionate about quality electrical work

Adelaide Urban Electrical provides a comprehensive range of residential and commercial electrical services. It was established in 2017 based on the principles of honest service, trust, care and accountability. For Ben, it was a gradual transition from working for an employer with a few on-the-side gigs to full-time self-employment.

Adelaide Urban Electrical provides a range of certified installations, including CCTV alarm systems, air-conditioning, and solar systems. This is on top of other specialist services such as electrical safety, energy management, appliance installation, home automation, lighting, TV and audio and data cabling and much more. They also offer emergency electrical services.

Ben is a member of the National Electrical & Communications Association (NECA) and a member of Master Electricians Australia. Adelaide Urban Electrical was rated one of the Top 3 Best Rated Electricians in Adelaide 2021. Ben and his team were also finalists in the Master Electrician Awards in 2021.

Ben has found that many electrical companies don’t have the care factor required for a service industry that is inherently safety focussed. He treats his customers how he likes to be treated and doesn’t just employ tradies with an electrical license. He carefully selects team members who fit his mission of standing behind their craft and products.

In Germany, as well as completing his electrical apprenticeship, Ben also spent time as a fire brigade volunteer.

“I started my business as a one-man show and now have three vans on the road and a small team that includes certified electricians, apprentices, and an administration person.”

A life and a love of Adelaide

Ben and his partner Natasha have been together since 2014. They have two young fur kids (cats) rescued from the RSPCA. Buddy is eight months old, while cute little Coco is just 12 weeks old. They sometimes visit the office, and so far, there haven’t been any cat-astrophes!

He and Natasha love that Adelaide’s pace is relaxed and not too hectic. Having the opportunity to live close to the beach was a massive incentive to stay in Adelaide.

Unlike his hometown of Frankfurt, Ben loves Adelaide’s big country town vibes and that it’s so easy to get around; you can be anywhere you need to be within an easy half-hour drive.

Ben balances the responsibilities of running a thriving electrical business with quality downtime. He visits the gym regularly and enjoys relaxed social get-togethers with friends. Additionally, Ben is also a certified scuba diver.

“We enjoy a healthy coastal lifestyle together but also love that it’s still quick and easy to visit the beautiful Adelaide Hills and the city.”

Powering into the future

Ben has learnt how to establish and grow a business from scratch. Learning from his early mistakes and undertaking ongoing training opportunities have helped him stay on top of advanced technologies. He has, over time, also learnt how to be a better judge of people.

Although he is responsible for employees and clients who rely on him, Ben believes running a business is a bit of a love/hate relationship; there is both good and bad. He finds it enjoyable, exhausting, challenging, and rewarding.

Looking ahead, Adelaide is home to Natasha and Ben, and they plan to be in business for the long term. Currently, Ben is dedicated to developing his skills and knowledge in business and finance management.

The goal is to expand Adelaide Urban Electrical’s service from general electrical contracting to more solar implementations partnered with increased air conditioning, data communications, security, and CCTV/alarm installations.”

Giving back and helping others

Ben’s two fur kids are both RSPCA rescues, and he regularly donates to the RSPCA. The free mobile laundry service, Orange Sky, is another charity Adelaide Urban Electrical supports by providing free repairs to their vans. Ben likes giving back to the community any way he can by supporting various fundraisers with a mixture of donations and electrical services.

He also works collaboratively with a young plumbing business, Adelaide Drains & Hot Water. His company is all about customer service, and the partnership benefits through a shared work ethic of being responsive, supportive, knowledgeable, respectful, and communicative.

“It means I can offer my clients a one-stop-shop solution. If a client needs electrical work and some plumbing work done, I’ll bring Adelaide Drains & Hot Water onboard to provide a complete service.”

Ben is looking forward to a future here and is excited for what tomorrow will bring, not only for himself and Natasha but for where he can take Adelaide Urban Electrical.

To discover more about Adelaide Urban Electrical, contact Ben on +61 488 488 988, email ben@adelaideurbanelectrical.com.au or visit their website.

We’re here for the wider Adelaide community, and we’re here for the long run.”

Ben Čolič
Business Name
Adelaide Urban Electrical