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Innovation & Opportunity

Funding the Future & Delivering Investor Value

South Australia is bubbling with entrepreneurial spirit at this present time. The state-wide trend to build and support newly emerging business ventures has truly taken off. With incentives and encouragement from Government, universities, innovation hubs and professional startup communities, South Australia has taken on the challenge to become the most competitive city to do business in Australia.

Startups and innovative growth aim to meet a marketplace need, want or problem by developing a viable business model around products, services, processes or platforms. A startup is effectively a new business venture designed to effectively develop and validate a scalable and potentially global business model.

Based in Adelaide, TDVC is a pioneering investment, startup and strategic advisory firm. This innovative and agile company is made up of highly committed experts in venture capital investment. The TDVC team has a track record of successfully having collectively co-founded numerous startups. TDVC Pty Ltd is the fund manager of the TDVC Gold Fund, an Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnership (ESVCLP click for PDF) registered with Innovation Australia, and approved to seek up to $200 million in funds.

At TDVC we understand the start-up community. We have advised startups, run startups, invested in startups and we’ve been successful at it

Meet some of the TDVC team…

In addition to the extensive startup and funds management experience, TDVC’s team have professional backgrounds in the finance, accounting, legal and medical fields, and hold particular experience in software, financial services, health care, bio-tech, mining, sport and recreation and construction. To meet the whole TDVC team, click here. 

Detlef Kirsten MBBS

Detlef Kirsten ~ Director & Fund’s Investment Committee Member

Detlef is a Director of TDVC Pty Ltd and sits on the Fund’s Investment Committee. Detlef began his career as a trained medical doctor working in Intensive Care, but his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for business soon saw his involvement in a number of interests in the mining, property, medical and software industries.

Through both running his own successful businesses, and in holding various directorships, Detlef brings a broad base of skills in corporate governance, business planning, financial management, product development, business development, and project and contract management within a start-up environment.

He is passionate about identifying the opportunities of tomorrow and assisting companies to reach their potential. Detlef has a wide network of contacts within the ‘innovation’ community and a track record of overcoming business challenges.

Sam Morris ~ Operations Manager

Sam has had a varied career having worked professionally as an exploration geologist, teacher and a SME specialist business consultant. He has a Bachelor of Science, Post Graduate Degree in Education, Professional Certificate in International Trade and has studied a Masters of Commerce (Applied Finance).

Samuel Morris BSc, PCertIntTrade, GDipEd

In his role as TDVC Operations Manager, Sam draws on his experience advising boutique hospitality, tourism and food manufacturing businesses on establishment, marketing, menu and product offering, management techniques and operational efficiencies and growth opportunities.

As Operations Manager at TDVC, one of my principle roles is facilitating startup enterprise and developing long-term relationships that will deliver mutual opportunity, sustained growth and wealth.

With a diverse background in science, management, international trade, exploration geology, agri-technology and education, I am adept at identifying talented individuals that have the energy, vision and enhanced skills to drive a start-up to success.

I have enormous respect for innovators who advance the technology, culture and businesses of the future. I am passionate about identifying the next generation of Australian businesses set to become globally significant.

Entrepreneurs, Innovation & Exciting New Ventures

  • What TDVC Look For

TDVC looks for projects that have the potential for significant, early returns, preferably with global scope. We aim to support the ambitious and driven innovators who will define the trends and technology of the future.

  • Applying For Funding

TDVC is always looking for powerful projects. Due to high volume TDVC utilises Syndicate Solutions manage unsolicited enquiries. Syndicate Solutions provides a valuable resource for entrepreneurs trying to get their project to investment ready stage. To see if you are eligible to apply for funding, you can visit Syndicate Solutions to complete an application.

  • The TDVC Advantage

TDVC’s approach is to fund and facilitate. When backing a startup venture, TDVC are fully committed to its success. Offering a wealth of in-house expertise, the TDVC team provide mentoring and education to project leaders and provide access to expert commercial, legal and market advice. Through the team’s own personal experiences and journeys, TDVC fully appreciate what is required to take an innovative company to the highest possible level.

Investors – ESVCLP tax incentives and concessions

The ESVCLP program provides tax incentives for investing in early stage venture capital activities. Key benefits include:

  • flow-through tax treatment
  • an ESVCLP tax offset for the investment made by a limited partner
  • income and capital gains on the disposal of eligible venture capital investments (EVCIs) and other income earned on EVCIs not being subject to tax to:
    • limited partners (either foreign resident or Australian resident)
    • general partners who are Australian resident or resident of a country that has a double tax agreement with Australia
  • general partners’ carried interests being held on capital account rather than revenue account.

From 1 July 2016, additional tax incentives were made available to ESVCLPs and their investors and some requirements have been relaxed, which include:

  • a non-refundable carry-forward tax offset of up to 10% on contributions made at any time to an ESVCLP that becomes unconditionally registered on and after 7 December 2015
  • increase in the maximum fund size from $100 million to $200 million
  • removal of divestiture requirement when the value of the investee exceeds $250 million.

For further information visit:

Significant Investor Visa (SIV)

The Significant Investor Visa is a stream within the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) (Subclass 188) visa and the Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) (Subclass 888) visa. The purpose of the visa is to provide a boost to the Australian economy and to compete effectively for high net worth individuals seeking investment migration.

Significant Investor Visa (SIV) holders invest $5 million (!) into complying significant investments for a minimum period of four years ¬ at which point the investor becomes eligible to apply for a permanent Australian visa. 

Y Australia?

Based in Adelaide, the TDVC team are familiar with the benefits of investment and lifestyle in South Australia. With an increasing population of 1.2 million people, Adelaide has consistently ranked as one of the world’s top ten most liveable cities over the last decade.

Within the city centre there are wonderfully diverse communities, offering fantastic opportunities for new and existing businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Recently, Adelaide was ranked ‘the most competitive city to do business in Australia’ in KPMG’s biennial Competitive Alternatives Report.

TDVC identify four key points that make Australia an attractive investment:

  • Education: Australia has world class secondary schools and Universities and our work force is one of the most educated and culturally-diverse in the world.
  • Lifestyle: From climate to safety to low pollution, healthcare, infrastructure and a lack of crowding, Australian cities have been voted the most liveable in the world.
  • Business and Investment: Australia has one of the best business environments in the world with a stable government, supportive business and legal institutions, a dynamic investment industry and strong regulatory environment that safeguards investors.
  • Close To Asia: Australia has strong trade, economic and political links to Asia.

TDVC SIV Difference

The TDVC Gold Fund has specific provisions that cater to the needs of SIV Applicants. Aiming to invest in projects that provide strong, early returns means the best possible environment is created for the earliest return of Venture Capital Investment on maturation of your SIV after the four years.

This is what makes TDVC unique ~ they differ in their offering for the SIV in that an exit option is provided after the four year investment period. 

TDVC has a strong professional network and the SIV connections are broad; the team offers an unparalleled level of assistance to migration agents and SIV applicants.

TDVC’s Philosophy

Our approach to delivering investment performance is comprehensive:

  • Access to powerful projects, and the ability to pick those projects with strong potential.
  • Attraction of co-investors – foreign, institutional, angel investors and high net worth individuals – through existing business networks, both here and overseas.
  • Negotiation of advantageous investment positions.
  • Comprehensive risk mitigation and project optimisation.
  • Critical involvement in management of the investment throughout the life of the project.

TDVC is a proud member of the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association Limited (known as AVCAL). AVCAL is the national body representing venture capital industries and provides its members with important industry data and research.