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Evan Bulmer

Evan Bulmer and Associates is a boutique business consultancy based in South Australia that specialises in making small business bigger, and big business better.

Although from an accounting background, Evan has developed an innovative consultancy methodology to become so much more than a traditional accounting or business advisory firm.

Evan is passionate about helping CEOs and business owners earn more, work less and enjoy life a whole lot more. Since 1996 Evan has helped hundreds of clients achieve outstanding growth in revenue, in profits and in cashflow.

Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame

In 2017, Evan was inducted into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, as announced at a ceremony at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas conducted by Alan Weiss PhD, the globally-acclaimed “consultant’s consultant.”

Evan Bulmer is the fourth Australian consultant selected to ever receive such an honour and the first in seven years. Inductees are recognised outstanding accomplishments and are regarded by their peers as world leaders in consulting.

It is the hallmark of my career. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is validation that the work I do is important and meaningful and I pursue it with gusto,” said Bulmer, who consults with small businesses who want to boost their cash flow and grow the value of their business. “I’ve modelled so much of my business based on Alan Weiss’ ideas. I do the work I love. I was born to do this.

Lifelong Learner

Originally, Evan established an accountancy firm in his mid-twenties and admits to having made mistakes early on. A lifelong learner, Evan realised he had gone as far as he could before discovering Dr Alan Weiss about 10 years ago at a seminar in Australia.

“I’ve put myself amongst people who are better than I. That’s how you grow. There was nowhere to go in Australia. I was teaching my peers. When I went to Alan’s seminar, I was totally blown away by his concepts,” he said.

“I used to have 19 people working for me. Now I work by myself and make more money and have more satisfaction because I can take on bigger projects,” he said. “By focusing on my clients, they’ve employed hundreds if not thousands of people in the last 10 years.”

“Trouble Shooter”. “Wing Man”. “Accounting Ninja”. “You make me feel 10 foot tall and bullet proof.”

Evan Bulmer coaches and mentors his clients about measuring their activities. “I’m a big believer in the numbers. The language of business is the language of the accountant. Financial statements are scorecards. But most business owners don’t understand the numbers and don’t know how to turn those numbers into actions that improve results. I give them that knowledge,” he said.

“In many companies, I see people moving without direction. I come along and provide direction and put metrics around it to build a culture of success,” he said. “The outcome is a dramatic improvement in profit, revenue and cash flow.”

Numbers that Matter

Evan Bulmer’s new book,The Numbers that Matters: Learning What to Measure to Achieve Financial Success in Your Business was published by Business Expert Press, December 2017. The book helps CEOs and business owner understand what information they need so they can make decisions to improve their businesses.

“Business is about activity – a whole lot of people doing things. You have to measure the activity that leads to creating value,” he said.

The book takes CEOS on a journey to understand such topics as:

  1. Are we adding value to our business?
  2. Can we afford to pay for it?
  3. Return on capital
  4. Cash flow
  5. Balance sheet
  6. Grow your revenue
  7. Key reports
  8. How to manage people
  9. How to select employees and put good structures around them to achieve desired outcomes
  10. How to communicate and manage banks

About the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame

Evan Bulmer was selected for membership to this exclusive group of global consultants because he:

  • Serves as an exemplar to others in the profession.
  • Maintains the highest levels of integrity, ethics and accountability.
  • Has demonstrated revenue and profit achievement and growth.
  • Contributes intellectual capital to the profession.
  • Engages in continual, challenging, personal and professional development.
  • Takes risk and demonstrates resilience.

Evan Bulmer exemplifies the entrepreneurial approach that his own clients profit most from. He streamlined his business, lowered his labor, increased his value, and thereby dramatically improved his own margins. He can do that for any of his clients in breathtakingly short time.

He understands the dynamics of providing customers and clients with what’s of highest value in their eyes, and enables his own clients to enter into that dynamic with minimal disruption and maximum gain.

I’m proud to include him with the fewer than 100 elite consultants and experts in the Million Dollar Consulting® Hall of Fame

Alan Weiss, PhD, Summit Consulting Group, Inc.

For information about Evan Bulmer and Associates, visit his website by clicking the logo below.